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Have you been thinking about having your asphalt driveway sealed?  Now is the time of year to protect your asphalt driveway with an application with our high quality asphalt sealant.  YSeal specializes in asphalt sealing and repair, servicing Scarborough, Toronto, Durham, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, North York and the Greater Toronto Area (G.T.A.).  Big or small, our asphalt driveway sealing service will leave the front of your home looking brighter than ever with an asphalt driveway that looks brand new. We have answered some common questions below that you may have about asphalt seal-coating.

Watch this short video and quickly learn the basics about your asphalt driveway and the benefits of sealing it:


YSeal? – Reasons to Seal Your Asphalt Driveway

While you may not realize it, your asphalt driveway is one the most abused parts of your home and it often goes unnoticed.  If you are only beginning to learn about why you should be sealing your asphalt driveway, here is a list of some common asphalt problems:

-          Year-long exposure to ice, snow, rain and the scorching sun
-          Heavy parked vehicles for days on end
-          Oil, gasoline and other motor fluid leaks that eat away at asphalt
-          UV Ray exposure, leading to Oxidation
-          Daily wear-and-tear

Over time, any combination of these factors slowly eats away at your unsealed asphalt driveway, leaving it grey and crack.  These harmful factors do major damage to your asphalt driveway over time.  Often times, it takes as little as 5 years for a new, unsealed asphalt driveway to display symptoms of these problems.  By this time, cracks have already formed, oil stains have sunk in deeply and you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Sealing your asphalt driveway regularly (every 1-3 years, depending on driveway traffic) provides a strong shield to prevent damage from our extreme Canadian weather conditions.  A properly sealed asphalt driveway disallows any water or moisture to settle underneath the paved surface, preventing cracks, sagging and pot holes.  Sealing your driveway will also protect the asphalt from any motor fluid leaks that would otherwise soak in and eat away at the surface, further protecting from future damage.

Asphalt Driveway Sealing

Benefits of Driveway Sealing

 Sealing your asphalt driveway will not only make your driveway look new, but also keep it looking new by protecting the asphalt!  Here are some benefits of sealing your asphalt driveway:

-          Prevent asphalt from turning grey and dull
-          Instantly improve the value of your home
-          Prevent cracks, potholes, heaving and buckling
-          Protect against damaging UV rays and Oxidation
-          Prevents oil, gas and other fluids from penetrating surface
-          Give your home newfound curb appeal

Your home will look great with a fresh, sharp and jet-black asphalt driveway.  The front of your home is the first impression to your visitors, so don’t let your driveway start you off on the wrong foot.  We can help you transform the entrance to your home into a clean and inviting area in just moments!  Read on for more information on sealing your asphalt driveway, and how we work to meet your needs.

Asphalt Driveway Sealing

Our Asphalt Sealant

We use only 100% Undiluted Blackmac Asphalt Driveway Sealer from McAsphalt Industries Ltd. (  Blackmac Asphalt Driveway Sealer is a top quality protective sealer that has been specifically formulated to preserve and protect existing asphalt pavements. Blackmac is ideal for any asphalt pavement surface such as driveways, parking lots and walkways.  It is a fuel resistant surface sealant and within as little as a few minutes after installation a tough, but ductile black satin surface protects the underlying asphalt surface from sun degradation and moisture penetration.

Blackmac is an oil-based asphalt emulsion sealer.  It is composed of the exact same substances as your asphalt driveway is, allowing it to do more than just “cover” the surface.  Our Blackmac sealant will actually soak into your asphalt driveway, which will restore colour and life while adding significant protection.

Asphalt Driveway Sealing Before and After Close-Up

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